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Global Scaling – the fundamentals of interscalar cosmology
New book by Hartmut Müller, free download

This book is designed as a quick and easy introduction to Interscalar Cosmology that is based on the discovery of a universal law of probably everything – Global Scaling.

The discovery of Global Scaling is the result of an interdisciplinary research that has inspired the author for more than 35 years.

Global Scaling leads to an interscalar view of the world that could become the new scientific paradigm. Showing the complex connection of processes at very different scales in the universe, Global Scaling explains mathematically how subatomic and galactic scales are directly related to life as a cosmic phenomenon.

Global Scaling suggests that there is nothing artificial in the universe. All the technology developed by humanity and other civilizations follows the same fundamental fractal of space-time just like everything else in the universe. It may well be that Global Scaling is the rediscovery of an ancient advanced knowledge.

The reader of this book will find new answers to many questions concerning the nature of the universe and the meaning of life.

A huge field of research with new astonishing discoveries awaits us.

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