We welcome you to the site for thinking, curious, courageous and honest people! On this page we invite you to participate in Global Scaling Research. How can you do it?

Analyzing the measures of established structures in Nature using Global Scaling, you can learn more about the complex connection of processes at very different scales in the universe.

You can analyze frequencies, wavelengths, masses, velocities or any other metric characteristics of structures and processes, independently on their natural or artificial origin. Share your experience with us in Facebook.

Before starting your research, please read Hartmut Müller’s book ‘Global Scaling – the fundamentals of interscalar cosmology’, free download. This book is designed as a quick and easy introduction to Interscalar Cosmology that is based on the discovery of a universal law of probably everything – Global Scaling.

The four pages Compendium of Hartmut Müller’s book you can download here.

Global Scaling explains mathematically how processes at subatomic and galactic scales are directly related to life as a cosmic phenomenon, leading to an interscalar view of the world that could become a new scientific paradigm.

Interscalar Cosmology suggests that there is nothing artificial in the universe. All the technology developed by humanity and other civilizations obeys the same Fundamental Fractal of space-time just like everything else in the universe. It may well be that Global Scaling is the rediscovery of an ancient advanced knowledge.

Global Scaling Analysis – how does it work? We give you a brief description of the step by step procedure, free download.

In natural sciences, the analysis of the measurements is only the first part of research. The most complex part is the interpretation of the results.

How to interpret correctly the result of a Global Scaling Analysis?

Hartmut Müller’s book gives you the basic ideas. However, you can learn more, if you share your results with the Interscalar group in Facebook.

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